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Dartmouth College Library, Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"Dartmouth's own Mr. Baseball"
     -- Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

"Harvey Frommer brings a vast amount of experience in the art of the oral history, one of the many tools at the disposal of the historian. From his Shoeless Joe and Ragtime Baseball to Red Sox-Yankees The Great Rivalry, Frommer shows that he is a baseball writer and historian of repute."
     -- SABR

"Harvey Frommer is an accomplished writer about many facets of baseball."
     -- George F. Will

"First among equals is Harvey Frommer, with his wife Myrna Katz Frommer, a great expert on all things baseball and New York (and that city within a city -- Brooklyn)."
     -- John Thorn, Baseball Historian.

"Baseball's greatest author, Harvey Frommer."
     -- Seth Swirsky "Baseball Letters"

" Harvey Frommer is one of the most intelligent and informed observers of sports on the American scene. It is always a pleasure to read his work."
     -- Roger Kahn

"... If there were a Hall of Fame for Internet baseball sites, Baseball Almanac would be a shoo-in for admission ..."

QUOTED - "Maybe he can make a campaign pledge to convert to becoming a Yankees fan ..." more from DARTMOUTH MALS / NEW YORK TIMES

"One of these big bruisers grabbed my wrist,” said Frommer. “But Muhammad gently slapped his face and said ‘You’re a dummy! You’re only supposed to protect me from my enemies.”" more from VALLEY NEWS

"One of Rozelle’s suggestions for the name of the new game was “The Big One.” That name never caught on. “Pro Bowl,” was another Rozelle idea. Had the name been adopted, there would have been confusion, for that was the name used for the NFL’s All Star game. “World Series of Football” died quickly, deemed too imitative of baseball’s Fall Classic." more from BILLYPENN.COM: HOW DID THE SUPERBOWL GET ITS NAME?

"Definitive, vast in its reach and scope, Baseball Almanac is a mother lode of facts, figures, anecdotes, quotations and essays focused on the national pastime. If there were a Hall of Fame for Internet baseball sites, Baseball Almanac would be a shoo-in for admission. It has been an indispensable research tool for me." more from BASEBALL ALMANAC

"Everyone has an Ali story,” said Dartmouth College liberal arts professor Harvey Frommer ..." more from UPPER VALLEY REACTS TO DEATH OF MUHAMMAD ALI

Dr. Frommer, dubbed "Dartmouth's own Mr. Baseball" by the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, received his Ph.D. from New York University. Professor Emeritus, City University of New York, he has been a professor in the MALS program at Dartmouth College since 1992, where he has taught courses in oral history and culture and sports journalism.

Distinguished Professor nominee, and recipient of the "Salute to Scholars Award" at CUNY, where he taught writing for many years. He was cited in the Congressional Record and by the New York State Legislature as a sports historian and journalist.

Frommer's many sports books include: autobiographies of sports legends Nolan Ryan, Red Holzman and Tony Dorsett, Shoeless Joe and Ragtime Baseball, New York City Baseball: 1947-1957, the New York Yankee Encyclopedia, A Yankee Century, Red Sox vs Yankees: The Great Rivalry (with Frederic J. Frommer), and Five O' Clock Lightning: The 1927 Yankees. His “sports art an oral history books include Remembering Yankee Stadium (2008), Remembering Fenway Park (2011), When It Was Just a Game, Remembering the First Super Bowl (2015, 2016) and The Ultimate Yankee Book, 2017.

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Exhibit & Talk 2013 WRITING BASEBALL Dartmouth College Library June 17- July 31, talk June 24, 4pm
Press Release
Writing Baseball: Exhibit
Letter of Commendation

Historical Consultant: Broadway show "The First" 1983

Award: City University of New York, Salute to Scholars Award, 1984

Speaker, Brooklyn General Post Office event, Jackie Robinson Stamp issued, August 3, 1982.

United States Olympic Committee, Olympic Book of the Year, 1984, for Olympic Controversies,

Autobiography of the Year nomination, Spitball (magazine), 1988, for Throwing Heat: The Autobiography of Nolan Ryan.

When It Was Just a Game: Remembering the First Super Bowl, nominated for the Pen Center Awards in the literary sports writing category, 2015

, Dartmouth Book Day, along with his work REMEMBERING FENWAY PARK, October 3, 2012
Dartmouth Author Talk: Harvey Frommer's WHEN IT WAS JUST A GAME. Tuesday, October 13th, 2015, 4pm, Dartmouth College Library.

Historian, selected by the City of New York to research and write copy for plaques and stone materials and to acquire vintage photographs for the old Yankee Stadium site which opened and was re-named Heritage Field in 2010 Expert Witness, selected by Major League Baseball to testify as a baseball expert in a copyright infringement case, 2006

Keynote speaker, selected by Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) to deliver the keynote speech at Seventh Annual Seymour Conference in Cleveland, 2005

Guest Curator and Executive Producer, selected by B'nai B'rith International for the "Stars of David: Jews in Sports" exhibit that ran for six months at the Klutznik Museum in Washington, D.C., 1991

AuthorGrowing Up at Bat, selected by Little League Baseball to research and write their 40th anniversary book, 1987

Editor and major author for Games of the XXIIIrd Olympiad, selected by International Sport Publishing, 1984

Principal author of A Baseball Century: the First Hundred Years of the National League, selected by National League, 1975.